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Psychology of the Free Throw Shot DVD


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You’re on the free throw line. There are 2 seconds left in the game and your team is down by 1 point. You have 2 possible points due to being fouled. Shot 1; Swoosh – Nothing but net. And now for the victory! Shot 2 goes up, up and……..hits the rim, bounces out, and the opposing team grabs it and runs out the clock. Wait, What?! I thought every player in this situation pulls a Hoosiers moment in times like these. That’s Hollywood fiction and this is the real world.  And in the real world of athletics, an athlete would have to maintain focus, visualize the ball going into the net, and execute without a shred of doubt of an outcome to have the best chance of making this shot. But what does the athlete focus on? How does he or she maintain focus? How do they keep their mind together during times and situations like these? How do they keep their mind quiet when everyone around them is screaming and yelling?  Cue Dr. Trammel: “I’ll coach you on the How’s to maintain concentration during times of perceived stress. All you have to do is execute like you’ve done a thousand times in the past.”

Available in DVD or can be viewed Online Privately on YouTube.

Add a single consult with Dr. Trammel for $100! (A savings of $50)

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Free Throw Shot DVD Only $49.95 USD, 1 Consult + Free Throw DVD $149.95 USD, YouTube Free Throw $39.95 USD, YouTube Free Throw + 1 Consult $139.95 USD


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