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My Educational Credentials:

  • Athletic Counselor - Many times an athletic performance can be affected by things not related to the sport and is why sometimes an athlete needs an objective professional to listen and help overcome whatever issues may be at the core of the problem. I earned a Masters Degree from Springfield College in Athletic Counseling.
  • Performance Enhancement - I have spent many years studying theoretical and applied sports psychology and earned my Doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Western States. If you have the desire to increase your sporting performance, I can suggest techniques for you to use that have been proven to be effective. Mental Skills Training is being used by great athletes in every sport. Your competitor is using them to defeat you.
  • I have been a business professional for decades. My Auburn MBA studies could be a valuable asset to your future endeavors. Note: I graduated 'Bama' summa cum laude.

My Athletic Credentials

What makes Level 3 Sports a unique sports psychology consultancy is my experiences in athletics, business, and academics. I currently play competitive golf and have taught the game for about 30 years. From 1989 through 1996, I competed professionally in numerous Florida Tour events. It was during this period when I began teaching golf. I enjoyed playing in the pro-ams and taught both amateurs as well as professional players in the US and Europe. Around 1996, I turned my attention completely towards golf instruction. I utilized various golf training aids to help players feel different positioning and moves in the golf swing. I decided to incorporate them into my teaching, which led to the formation of my first Internet company, ShotSavers Golf, Inc. During my tenure at ShotSavers Golf, Inc., I invented and manufactured 15 golf training products and operated affiliate companies all over the world. I also own a US Patent and published a golf instruction book. If you are a competitive athlete, I can RELATE to you.

One of my goals in returning to college was to further my understanding of how successful athletes think. Because I already had a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, I wanted to be able to offer trained and expert analysis on the mental aspects of golf as well. The same mental processes used by successful professional golfers are present in virtually every competitive sport. Finally, to further my understanding of international business and sports marketing, I studied business as an MBA Student at Auburn University.

My business past coupled with my playing and teaching experience gives me a unique skill set that could be very valuable to the athlete looking for a consultant who can relate to the challenges of being a player.

Great athletes know the key to success is the area between the ears:


QUESTION: How much of your sport would you say in mental in nature? Some say up to 90% at the elite level. If that is the case, how much are you working on your mental game? Sports Psychology is the KEY to helping any athlete unleash their potential with sound theoretical approaches. I have very unique background experiences in athletics, business, and academia that can help you improve your performance. I am ready to help you take your game to the Next Level.

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