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Level 3 Sports Psychology Testimonials


Due to the nature of this business and the ethics of confidentiality, clients generally do not leave public reviews on Google. These testimonials were submitted to Level 3 Sports Psychology in confidence with the identity of the persons kept confidential.

PGA TOUR PLAYER: A few years ago, I missed a 2-foot putt that ultimately led to my defeat during a tournament as I was in the lead at the time. The event has haunted me ever since but I've been able to overcome it until recently. I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat reliving the event fearful it could happen again. So we researched and found Dr. Trammel's information and after examining his background, I hoped he could help me. After only a few weeks, I was back to normal and making more putts than ever. If you play golf, I'd highly recommend Dr. Trammel. AW - PGA TOUR

PARENT OF WORLD CLASS WRESTLER: My son had been wrestling for several years in high school. We were prepping him for college and possibly a run at the Olympic Trails for Paris. All of a sudden he starts losing matches to opponents that were not ranked. His coaches and myself could not understand it so we called Dr. Trammel. My son worked with Dr. Trammel for a while and helped him get back his form and ultimately regain his confidence to win a National Championship in his weight division. He is now a Collegiate wrestler at Iowa State University.

PGA TOUR PLAYER: I had played on the PGA Tour for a few years but did not handle the pressure so well in the beginning. The travel and lifestyle ultimately caused me to lose my card and I have been trying to regain it ever since with no luck. Last year I called Dr. Trammel and since then he has helped me understand some things about playing golf I had never heard of before like mindfulness and self-talk. With the help of Dr. Trammel and a complete change in my lifestyle, I have been able to achieve the success that I lost years ago. SL - PGA TOUR

PARENT OF FEMALE CHEERLEADER: My 13-year-old daughter had been struggling with the pressure of trying to make the cheer team. She would get extremely nervous before tryouts even though she could perform well in practice. She is a very hard worker but extremely hard on herself and sensitive to criticism. Her coaches recommended we seek out a sports psychologist so I called Dr. Trammel. Within a 5week stretch, Dr. Trammel worked with my daughter and helped her overcome her fears of embarrassing herself. And she was able to qualify for the cheer squad. I would definitely recommend Dr. Trammel to anyone struggling with what we were going through.

PARENT OF ELITE SOFTBALL PLAYER: We've been with Dr. Trammel for about a year now. Before we found Dr. Trammel, my daughter was struggling with anxiety before a game so much that she could not perform anywhere close to practice. She is now playing for a Hotshots team and is committed to Texas A&M.

SENIOR GOLFER: I've been working on and off with Dr. Trammel for several years and the insight and knowledge he has given me for my golf game has been priceless. He has completely rebuilt my thought process and refocused me on goals instead of expectations and as a result the anxiety levels standing over any particular shot have been greatly diminished. His article on goals and expectations from the website would be helpful to anybody who's been struggling with their golf game.
Thank you, Dr. Trammel

BASEBALL PITCHER: I would get very nervous before a game and that turned into the yips. I could not toss a ball to 1st base for fear that I'd throw it over his head. My family sought out Dr. Trammel and he helped me understand what was happening. Since then, I've overcome the yips and am preparing for the draft.

PARENT OF BASEBALL PITCHER: My son could throw a ball close to 97mph as a junior in high school. The attention made him nervous and we would see his accuracy go way down as he was getting more and more attention. His coaches told us to talk to a sports psychologist. We found Dr. Trammel and after a couple of months, my son is playing with a lot more control and accuracy. I highly recommend Dr. Trammel and Level 3 Sports.

PGA TEACHING PROFESSIONAL: Dr. Trammel is a true expert in sports psychology. He works with athletes on all levels. As a golf instructor who works with competitive golfers on all levels, I refer all of my students to Dr. Trammel as he is by far the best in the business. I have been fortunate enough to watch Dr. Trammel work with numerous golfers and with that I have gained a great amount of knowledge from Dr. Trammel. Learning from Dr. Trammel will take your game to the next level. PATRICK PATTERSON - Director of Instruction - Anniston Country Club

PARENT OF BASKETBALL PLAYER: My 13-year-old son wanted to play for the JV basketball team but didn't seem to have the motivation to do what it took to make the team. I didn't think he was lazy but thought his mind was all over the place. I searched in our area for a sports psychologist and called Dr. Trammel. He worked with my son to establish some goals to accomplish on a regular basis and with his weekly check-in was able to keep him on a schedule. My son made the team and we are very grateful to Dr. Trammel for helping us.

PARENT OF A GYMNAST: My 11-year-old daughter seemed to freeze up when she was asked to do a certain move. Her coaches called it a mental block and advised us to look for help with her mentality.  We found Dr. Trammel and had an almost immediate effect on her confidence. He told her what not to think and what to say to herself in times of stress. Eventually, with Dr. Trammel's help, she was able to do the move and overcome her mental block.

EQUESTRIAN ATHLETE: I have been a rodeo athlete for a number of years and just recently had been allowing negative thoughts to enter my mind which severely limited my scoring in competition. I called Level 3 Sports and talked with Dr. Trammel for several weeks and he assisted me with some very helpful strategies that freed up my mind.

PARENT OF MAJORETTE: My daughter is a nationally ranked baton twirler and majorette. Recently she had been experiencing some sort of mental block due to a fear of being overly critiqued. Dr. Trammel helped her understand what was happening to her and gave her some tools to get her back on track.

PARENT OF A BASKETBALL TEEN: We were seeking a sports therapist to help our 13 year-old son. He tried out for his middle school basketball team after spending the past 6 years playing on travel teams with some of the best players in the state. The assistant coach announced that he made but was the last person they chose. He was afraid they were going to cut him if he said anything other than "yes" or "no" going forward. He was relegated to the "B" squad and it was tremendously frustrating for us to see him sidetracked at such a young age. We reached out to Dr. Trammel and saw a fairly quick turnaround. Our son has now regained most of his confidence and we hope he will continue to improve.

PARENT OF HIGH SCHOOL GOLFER: We had gotten a referral from another one of Dr. Trammel's clients who happened to be working with his son with tremendous results. My son had previously played lights out golf but as he got older, everyone expected him to keep up the pace. The pressure was too much for him and his game collapsed. Dr. Trammel turned his mind around and now he is back (District Champion 2023) in a very competitive area of the country.

HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS ACADEMY PLAYER: I have been playing tennis basically my entire life. When I entered the Everett Tennis Academy, I was not the best player but wanted to be. Eventually, I did become the Academy's #1 Ranked Player but soon afterward, the pressure to remain #1 really messed with my head. My parents called Dr. Trammel and then I spoke to him and we worked together for a number of weeks. His guidance and counseling helped me sort out the things that had been causing my anxiety. I had already been offered a scholarship to a Big 10 School but was nervous. I got over my nerves and am playing Varsity for the University.

PARENT OF TEEN GOLFER: My son would not stay in his routine even though he was extremely gifted, his lack of discipline stopped him from experiencing his potential. We had tried a couple of different therapists in the past but they had no effect. So we phoned Dr. Trammel because he looked like he knew about the game of golf. We are totally satisfied with the service Dr. Trammel provided for us. He was available to talk almost anytime during the day or evening. Our son responded very well with Dr. Trammel and now he is the captain of his golf team, which won the state championship in Florida in 2023.

PGA CHAMPIONS TOUR PLAYER: I guess I can be considered an outsider because I never played on the PGA Tour. I qualified for the Champion's Tour through the Q-School. But when I arrived I was overwhelmed. I had never worked with a sports psychologist before so I looked for somebody with a golf background. As far as I can tell, Dr. Trammel has the most experience in golf so we talked for several months. He caddied for me in a practice round as well and I turned a corner with my game. Very satisfied.