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Ask Yourself This Question:
How much of your game is mental? (50%? 90%)

If those percentages are accurate, how much are you working on your mental game? The problem is most athletes don't know what to work. Better thinking will improve your game faster than any piece of equipment or training product.

Every great player knows that.

Sports psychology is all about one thing: increasing athletic performance with techniques to control anxiety coupled with mental skills training. Dr. Richard Trammel is the lead sports psychologist of Level 3 Sports Psychology. Dr. Trammel has worked with athletes in many different sports including professional musicians in the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. As a former professional golfer, Dr. Trammel's expertise in golf gives him a very unique perspective as it relates to golf psychology. Dr. Trammel can relate to any player's situation and help that athlete succeed.

Basketball Perfection

All competitive athletes have one thing in common—they all want to improve and Dr. Trammel can certainly help them do that. Level 3 Sports Psychology offers many different packages to fit any budget. Dr. Trammel will travel to your location if you live in Birmingham or the surrounding areas of Jefferson County. If you are an amateur golf client, Dr. Trammel can travel to you in the state of Georgia as well. Professional golfers usually select a retainer contract. However, no matter what level you are on or where you live, you can become a member of the Level 3 Sports Psychology Community online with Skype (Worldwide). For pricing and package information about our services, please visit the sports page you are interested in.


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With a Level 3 Sports Psychology certification, you will learn the foundations of sport and exercise psychology without spending four years in college. Dr. Trammel will even consult with you with the trainer certification program. Check it out!

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