Mental Skills Training

For the individual athlete looking to take your game to the next level of performance. You probably know or suspect most of your improvement is mental in nature. Your competitors are doing everything they can to defeat you. Let's defeat them and win!

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No Yips Putting System

Overcome the dreaded YIPS with the No Yips Putting Method designed by Dr. Richard Trammel persented on DVD or Thumb Drive. For a full experience, add a Mini-Session or Full Sessions with Dr. Trammel either In-Person or Skype. A Perfect Gift for the golfer with the Yips.

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Performance Packages

All competitive athletes have 1 thing in common - they all want to improve and Dr. Trammel can certainly help them do that. Level 3 Sports offers many different packages to fit any budget. Level 3 Sports operates in 3 states - Alabama, Georgia, and Florida however you can become a member of the Level 3 Sports Community no matter where you live via our online academy that consists of 30+ videos you can enjoy anytime.

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How much of your game is mental? (50%? 90%) If those %'s are accurate, how much are you working on your mental game? The problem is most athletes don't know what to work on or believe nothing is wrong with them. Better thinking will improve your game faster than any piece of equipment or training product. Every great player knows that.

Sports psychology is all about 1 thing: PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. Sports psychology consultants not only work with athletes and coaches, we also work with business professionals and artists or musicians.

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