Level 3 Sports Certification Program

Level 3 Sports Psychology

Level 3 Sports Psychology Certification

Level 3 Sports Psychology Certification

The Level 3 Sports Psychology Certification Program is designed for athletes, parents of athletes, or coaches who want to take a deeper dive into the science of sports psychology. There are two programs (or levels) of certification. They are Level 3 Sports Psychology Certified Coach and Level 3 Sports Psychology Certified Trainer. The difference between the two is the amount of time and effort that you will apply for each. The Certified Coach Program consists of a series of online videos that you can watch at your pace. The videos will be sent to you all at once and they cover most aspects of the fundamentals of sport and exercise psychology. After viewing them you will have a working knowledge of the foundations of sports psychology.

The Certified Trainer Program consists of the same videos you will watch online (one per week) but after viewing each one, you will be required to do your own research into the topic Dr. Trammel has addressed in the video along with answering a series of questions related to the topic. Afterward, you and Dr. Trammel will Skype to discuss your research findings and review your answers to the questions. After going through this rigorous 10-week course, you will be ready to discuss the topics of Sports Psychology with your colleagues, athletes, or clients in a more complete capacity. 

The video modules consist of the following topics:

Perhaps nothing is more important to athletic success than how an athlete communicates to themselves. Self-talk describes the types of self-talk and how each either motivates or can destroy confidence.

Imagery coupled with positive self-talk is the most powerful tandem in success (especially in athletics). If someone can see themselves successfully accomplishing a task before they attempt it, they have a better chance of successfully completing the task.

In today's sporting environment it is important to be able to relate to the modern athlete. How? Successful coaches allow for more autonomy and self-determination today instead of the old model of screaming and yelling. Athletic counseling will demonstrate the power of listening to the concerns and ideas of an athlete to allow them to guide themselves towards their future.

Mindfulness can be described as a nonjudgmental approach to performance. If executed properly, it is a concept that lies beyond the so-called "zone" and can be a very powerful and peaceful place to be (if you can get there). This subject matter is similar to an eastern philosophy approach to mastery.

This module discusses techniques that can help an athlete gain or regain lost concentration or focus due to external distractors.

These topics receive a lot of attention with coaches but rarely does anyone explain how to get mentally tough. This module explains the difference between mental toughness and grit to distinguish learned techniques versus innate abilities.

Goal setting is essential to success but there is a huge difference between setting realistic goals and huge expectations of success. This module may be a bit controversial to conventional thought, but if you keep an open mind, you will find it intriguing.

Most sport psychology textbooks list 4-6 sources of self-efficacy (confidence) when in fact, there are at least seven with the last one college students are not allowed to discuss in a classroom due to the nature of correctness. Number seven may be the most powerful source and is discussed here.

Distinctions between two sources of motivation are discussed in this module. The larger debate is how can you motivate (if possible) an extrinsically motivated athlete to become intrinsically motivated.

In this module, I will explain and discuss different techniques to introduce into groups of athletes to help build group unity and cohesion. Without it, you will have splinter groups or clicks within your team or organization that could eventually lead to the failure of the entire group.

The Level 3 Sports Psychology Coach Certification is priced at $395.

The Level 3 Sports Psychology Trainer Program is priced at $2995.

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