Level 3 Sports offers several different packages for Baseball or Softball Athletes. We offer complete in-person consultations in Birmingham and the greater Atlanta locations. However, for those clients not living in Birmingham, the expense of in-person visits will be higher due to travel expenses. Other than golf, most clients outside of Birmingham choose a hybrid model of in-person and online consultations. Most clients outside of the Southeast US choose the online-only consult package. Packages are grouped into the following:

  • Single Consult - Designed for the athlete who needs a quick overview of their situation and who also may be familiar with the basic concepts of sport psychology.  $250
  • 3 Consults (2 Online + 1 - On Field) - Consists of 2 Video Sessions and 1 In person Field Session with Dr. Trammel in Birmingham. $595
  • 6 or 12 ONLINE Consults - Consists of 6 or 12 Online sessions over a 5 - 12 week period. $895 - $1795
  • Package of 6 - This consult usually runs anywhere between 5 - 7 weeks. This package consist of a combination of in-person and online consults (3 Online + 3 Field Sessions in Birmingham. $1295 - Outside Birmingham (Up to a 3 Hour Drive) $1995.
  • Package of 12 (Quarterly) MOST POPULAR - This package is designed for long term growth and learning due to the length of time. This package consists of 6 Online Sessions and 6 Field Sessions lasting for about 3 Months. In Birmingham $2495 and Outside Birmingham up to a 3 Hour Drive Radius. $3995.
  • Package of 12 In Person Birmingham - For the serious player. This package consists of 12 in-person field sessions with Dr. Trammel. $2995
  • 6 or 12 Month Contracts - For the very serious athlete who would like unlimited access to Level 3 Sports. These 2 packages are the most comprehensive because they allow the client unlimited access to Dr. Trammel via phone, text, video, or email. Also, Dr. Trammel will spend several in-person visits with the client as can be scheduled. All expenses incurred with in-person visits will be absorbed by the client in these 2 packages. $20K - $40K