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Psychology of the Boxing Athlete DVD


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There are many similarities between traditional boxing and MMA. They both involve a great deal of pain and training to be successful in it. In order for a professional fighter to become successful at either boxing or MMA, they would have to fully understand the enormous price to be paid. That’s on the physical end. The other side of this coin is the metal pain of disappointment and frustration plus the inclusion of mental skills training as a part of the training regiment. The problem is (as is with most sports), the athlete doesn’t know much, or anything about sport psychology. None of his coaches (Except Freddy Roach) have every seriously considered using mental skills training in the training. So it’s up to the fighter to get the information and integrate it into their own program. That’s what Dr. Trammel will do in this DVD presentation. Cue Dr. Trammel: “I will help you to become more mentally tough by giving you the tools you will need when you become injured; when you get into the latter rounds; or when you are literally on the ropes. Emotional intelligence, grit, and staying in perspective are 3 techniques I will discuss (among others) that will help you become the fighter you hope to be.”

Available in DVD or can be viewed Online Privately on YouTube.

Add a single consult with Dr. Trammel for $100! (A savings of $50)

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Boxing DVD Only $99.95 USD, Box DVD + 1 Consult $199.95 USD, YouTube Boxing $89.95 USD, YouTube Boxing + 1 Consult $189.95 USD


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