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Psychology of the Running Athlete DVD


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Running is just 1 foot in front of the other, right? Not so fast! In competitive running, whether it is cross country, marathon, track and field, or 5/10K, running takes a lot of mental discipline and toughness. Were does a runner learn these techniques? Many learn them from mental coaches and if you don’t have a sport psychologist to talk to, here is your opportunity to listen to one about the Psychology of Running. Dr. Trammel lays out several techniques to help most any type of runner overcome some the challenges to running athletes. What happens to the mind when you approach the wall? Can a runner break through mental barriers during a race and if so, how? I was injured and now have become afraid of becoming re-injured. How can I overcome this and get back to my old form? Why do I run out of gas at the end of every race? I’m lightning fast in some events and slow in others. Why? Dr. Trammel examines these questions and many more in this very informative DVD.

Available in DVD or can be viewed Online Privately on YouTube.

Add a single consult with Dr. Trammel for $100! (A savings of $50)

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Running DVD Only $99.95 USD, Run DVD + 1 Consult $199.95 USD, YouTube Running $89.95 USD, YouTube Running + 1 Consult $189.95 USD


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