This is a partial list of recent client successes at Level 3 Sports. We are extremely proud of all of these fantastic athletes. They all have 1 thing in common: a burning desire to improve their athletic performance.

A Junior USTA Tennis player won his 1st event. This player is also extremely intelligent and has used his natural intelligence to improve his Tennis IQ coupled with mental skills training.

A female college golfer playing as a sophomore on a D3 golf team recently accepted a scholarship to the University of Georgia for her Junior and Senior years of college. This golfer is as focused and committed as any athlete I have ever worked with. She is 100% coachable and smart enough to filter out all of the distractions and noise of college golf.

A freshman golfer I have been working with all summer just finished tied for 7th shooting -4 under in his 1st collegiate golf tournament and currently is #1 on his team. This golfer has transitioned his game from high school to college to become an extremely solid player. I am so proud of this athlete.

A junior golfer just recently won his club's junior championship with a total score of -2 under par. This player successfully tamed his tremendous length off the tee to dominate the golf course with precise course management and pinpoint putting.

A CEO of a company who played college golf almost 20 years ago wanted to return to the way he played in college. I challenged that assumption and asked him if he thought it was possible to play better than he did in college. After we worked out some things in his golf perspective and course management, he did that and continues to play great golf. Well done, Sir.