This is a partial list of recent client successes and testimonials at Level 3 Sports. We are extremely proud of all of these fantastic athletes. They all have 1 thing in common: a burning desire to improve their athletic performance.

A Junior USTA Tennis player won his 1st event. This player is also extremely intelligent and has used his natural intelligence to improve his Tennis IQ coupled with mental skills training. His goal was to improve his game so that he could play on a college tennis team. After working with him for several months, he accomplished everything he set out to do. He was accepted to a very prestigious private college and was invited to play on the tennis team as a freshman without trying out.

"Dr. Trammel helped me focus my mind on my game and not worry so much about winning or losing. He also helped me with my academic choice as well. He's a lousy tennis player but a great sports psychologist and was a tremendous help to me." M. Spencer

A female college golfer playing as a sophomore on a D3 golf team recently accepted a scholarship to the University of Georgia for her Junior and Senior years of college. This golfer is as focused and committed as any athlete I have ever worked with. She is 100% coachable and smart enough to filter out all of the distractions and noise of college golf.

"My dream is to play LPGA Golf and I felt I needed to play at a D1 school to experience that kind of competition. When my parents first hired Dr. Trammel, I had very low confidence in myself and my chance of ever achieving my dream. But after a while and after a lot of 9 hole consults with Dr. Trammel, my confidence grew and grew to the point where I was recruited by UGA. I am so grateful to Dr. Trammel for helping me." M. Mallory

A freshman golfer I had been working with all summer just finished tied for 7th shooting -4 under in his 1st collegiate golf tournament and currently is #1 on his team. This golfer has transitioned his game from high school to college to become an extremely solid player. I am so proud of this athlete.

"I knew where I was going to play golf in college but did not think I had the game to compete. I worked with Dr. Trammel throughout the summer playing 9 hole matches with him that helped me understand course management better and it also gave me a lot of confidence in myself. When I arrived on campus, I was prepared to compete and after the 1st tournament, I proved I could stay with those players. Dr. Trammel encouraged me and helped me with my confidence." D. Samson

A junior golfer just recently won his club's junior championship with a total score of -2 under par. This player successfully tamed his tremendous length off the tee to dominate the golf course with precise course management and pinpoint putting.

"Before I started working with Dr. Trammel, I was sort of wild off the tee but thought I could play the game good enough to win. But I would always hurt my chances of winning with a bad hole or two. Dr. Trammel would come out on the course with me and we would talk for hours about course strategy and my attitude towards my game. I have now been accepted to a college and will play golf on that team. Before working with Dr. Trammel, I wasn't sure that would happen." R. Rolltain

A CEO of a company who played college golf 20 years ago wanted to return to the way he played in college. I challenged that assumption and asked him if he thought it was possible to play better than he did in college. After we worked out some things in his golf perspective and course management, he did that and continues to play great golf. Well done, Sir.

"I could play a little bit in college but I never hit my driver all through school because I didn't have any confidence in it. I was afraid it was going out of bounds. That was the 1st thing Dr. Trammel helped me overcome because I was focused on what could happen instead of what I wanted to happen. Now I'm a better player even though I'm 20+ years older. Thank you, Dr. Trammel, for helping me get my game back." K. Crenshaw

A group of young, equestrian, female, adolescent athletes were not having any success in competition. So the owner of the facility called me to present 6 workshops on overcoming anxiety. We worked for over 14 weeks on various subjects that were very personal to them. And after a little while, all (100%) of the girls had success and some started to win their division. These girls aged 10 - 16 were open for instruction and eager to learn. It was a pleasure teaching them about mental skills training.

"I have been training equestrians for almost 10 years and the competition has been getting stronger and stronger and I felt I needed to do something to give my girls an edge. That is when I called Dr. Trammel to see if he could help us and he delivered. The girls worked the program and eventually started winning. Once that happened it was like a door had opened." Karen R.