Perspective Consultation

Athletic Counseling is a technique designed to help athletes achieve a different perspective on their sport if it is determined that a viewpoint is detrimental to performance. An example might include the crushing weight of unrealistic expectations laid upon a great athlete by external sources that actually hurt that athlete's performance in the long run.

Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training is the cornerstone of sports psychology. You will learn several theoretical techniques all designed to improve your performance. You will test them in practice to see if they can be applied in a game setting. They include techniques to control anxiety, increase confidence, manage expectations, goals setting, and self-talk.

Applied Setting

The "3" in Level 3 Sports represents an applied setting. Many times an athlete needs a deeper understanding of specific game strategy. In golf it is called course management. Level 3 Sports contracts with many coaches in several sports to offer objective and professional strategy evaluations. This is not about coaching; This is the psychology of playing YOUR sport.

Dr. Richard Trammel

Performance Consultation Services

I can RELATE to you or the athlete you represent as a parent or coach. My extensive credentials will give you the confidence that I am an expert in the field of performance psychology. Why? I am a triple layered consultant. What does that mean? I have played professional sports, coached professionally, and have earned the academic credentials to be considered an expert in the area of sport and exercise psychology.

Doctorate - Univ. of Western States
Masters - Springfield College
Bachelors - University of Alabama
MBA - Auburn University

Performance Workshop/Seminars

Performance psychology transcends many different fields. Whether you are an athlete, business person, or performer, the psychology is basically the same. I work within team environments as well as small groups in private seminar settings. The topics within performance psychology are fascinating in that they reach many different levels of emotions for different people regardless of athletic ability.

Sports psychology workshop

Golf Psychology

Of course, my sub-speciality is golf psychology. Due to my background, I am an expert in that sport. I work with players on all levels to include every aspect of their game. Examples include:

  • How - When - What - Where to Practice
  • Course Management Strategies
  • Analyzing Golf Course Architecture
  • Golf Mindfulness Techniques
  • Complete Swing Analysis
  • Putting Psychology
  • Wedge Strategies
  • Caddy Services

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