Perspective Consultation

Athletic Counseling is a technique designed to help athletes achieve a different perspective on their sport if it is determined that a viewpoint is detrimental to performance. An example might include the crushing weight of unrealistic expectations laid upon a great athlete by external sources that actually hurt that athlete's performance in the long run.

Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training is the cornerstone of sports psychology. You will learn several theoretical techniques all designed to improve your performance. You will test them in practice to see if they can be applied in a game setting. They include techniques to control anxiety, increase confidence, manage expectations, goals setting, and self-talk.

Applied Setting

The "3" in Level 3 Sports represents an applied setting. Many times an athlete needs a deeper understanding of specific game strategy. In golf it is called course management. Level 3 Sports contracts with many coaches in several sports to offer objective and professional strategy evaluations. This is not about coaching; This is the psychology of playing YOUR sport.

Dr. Richard Trammel

Performance Consultation Services

I can RELATE to you or the athlete you represent as a parent or coach. My extensive credentials will give you the confidence that I am an expert in the field of performance psychology. Why? I am a triple layered consultant. What does that mean? I have played professional sports, coached professionally, and have earned the academic credentials to be considered an expert in the area of sport and exercise psychology.

Doctorate - Univ. of Western States
Masters - Springfield College
Bachelors - University of Alabama (Summa Cum Laude)
MBA Studies - Auburn University

Consultation Packages

Generally, Level 3 Sports offers 9 different packages depending on your circumstance and location. We offer complete in-person consultations in Birmingham and the greater Atlanta locations. However, for those clients not living in Birmingham, the expense of in-person non-golf related visits will be higher due to travel expenses. Other than golf, most clients outside of Birmingham choose a hybrid model of in-person and online consultations. Most clients outside of the Southeast US choose the online-only consult package. Packages are grouped into the following:

  • Single or Double Consults - Designed for the athlete who needs a quick overview of their situation and who also may be familiar with the basic concepts of sport psychology.
  • Packages of 6 or 12 (MOST POPULAR) - These packages are designed for long term growth and learning due to the time spent together building rapport. They usually run anywhere between 5 - 7 weeks for the Package of 6 and Quarterly (4 months) for the package of 12. These packages usually consist of a combination of in-person and online consults.
  • 6 or 12 Month Contracts - For the serious athlete who would like unlimited access to Level 3 Sports. These 2 packages are the most comprehensive because they allow the client unlimited access to Dr. Trammel via phone, text, video, or email. Also, Dr. Trammel will spend several in-person visits with the client as can be scheduled. All expenses incurred with in-person visits will be absorbed by the client in these 2 packages.
  • All Day Applied Golf Consult - In this 6-8 hour intensive workshop, the client will spend the entire day at Highlands Golf and Tennis Center in Birmingham (if applicable). The day begins with an overview and evaluation of the Needs Assessment Form the client would have been provided beforehand. Afterward, the client will play 18 holes of golf with Dr. Trammel and instructed on what mental skills training techniques would be most relevant to that athlete. An after round evaluation is then provided along with a complete course management strategy assessment. Breakfast, lunch, range balls, and greens fees are included in this package.
  • Half-Day Applied Workshop (Golf) - Same as above except for 9 holes.
  • Level 3 Sports Online Academy - For the client who would like to watch a pre-recorded video of a particular subject relevant to them, we offer many DVDs for sale. You can also add a single or double consult to any purchase for a discount as well.

For the pricing of each package, fill out the form on the Contact page describing your situation, location, and what you have in mind as far as the length of a consult, and we'll email you our pricing sheet with a recommendation.

Performance Workshop/Seminars

Performance psychology transcends many different fields. Whether you are an athlete, business person, or performer, the psychology is basically the same. I work within team environments as well as small groups in private seminar settings. The topics within performance psychology are fascinating in that they reach many different levels of emotions for different people regardless of athletic ability.

Sports psychology workshop

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Trammel travels all over the United States performing workshops and seminars on the subject of Performance Psychology. If you are interested in having him visit your facility, go to the Contact page and send us a note on what you had in mind and we'll get back with you with Dr. Trammel's availability and pricing.


Golf Psychology

Of course, my sub-speciality is golf psychology. Due to my background, I am an expert in that sport. I work with players on all levels to include every aspect of their game. Examples include:

  • How - When - What - Where to Practice
  • Course Management Strategies
  • Analyzing Golf Course Architecture
  • Golf Mindfulness Techniques
  • Complete Swing Analysis
  • Putting Psychology
  • Wedge Strategies
  • Caddy Services

Golf Consultation Packages

Dr. Trammel's credentials in golf are unique (to say the least). No other person in the United States (or perhaps the world) has his depth of experience in the sport of golf. Why? Dr. Trammel played professional golf for many years, has taught the game since 1989, invented/manufactured over a dozen (12) golf training devices when he operated ShotSavers Golf, is a published author of a golf instruction book, written dozens of position papers while attending University and graduate school, and earned his Masters Degree and Doctorate in Athletic Counseling and Sport Psychology.  He still plays competitive golf to this day and caddies for many of his golf clients. Your game will improve if you are coachable and open to a different way of learning. Dr. Trammel's methodology called The Puzzle has been wildly successful with his golf clients due to the detail of his consultation that no one else can deliver. Why? No other sports psychologist has Dr. Trammel's golfing background. Golf Packages usually include a hybrid model of video, text/phone, and on-course work. Dr. Trammel will spend many hours with you (or your golfing athlete) working with them on every aspect of their game (other than swing mechanics if they already have a coach). This package is the only 1 that is not billed based on time because of the amount of time Dr. Trammel spends with his clients on the course. If you are a serious golfer or the parent of a competitive, golfing athlete, go to the Contact page and tell us about your game, what you want to do and your situation, and we'll email you a price list with recommendations.

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