Greg Norman on The David Feherty Show

Feherty – “If you could go back and change anything in your career, what would you have done differently?”

Norman – “………I would have brought in a sport psychologist because to be quite honest, I recognize the fact that I needed it back then. Back then I’m saying, ‘A sport psychologist?’ He doesn’t know how it feels like to stand there at 188 out, uphill at the 72nd hole at Augusta. He’s never done it, so how’s he going to tell me what to do, right? Well, it wasn’t that. It was how you prepare yourself for that shot.”

Greg was right on a couple of things and wrong about one. A talented sport psychology consultant would never “tell” an athlete what to do. And although true, until now, no sport psychology consultant has ever played professional golf. And none, that I am aware of, has ever competed at Augusta. However, there is 1 who has played professionally, taught professionally, caddied professionally, and has an advanced degree in sport and exercise psychology.

re-late pronounced /rəˈlāt/ – to identify, have rapport, empathize, understand, and have a feel for a situation or individual.

I can relate to Greg and to you, regardless of what Level you’re on or sport you play.

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